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Reflecting on 2022

The beginning of the year is always a time to reflect on the past year, the good bits, bad and parts you want to change or improve on. My family and I relocated to a village near Aberystwyth at the beginning of the year and my gosh it was the best decision we'd made for a while but I was extremely nervous as to how my business was going to go. Slowly but surely after a couple of months the bookings started to come in as my name was getting out there again, marketing yourself can be so difficult! You are your own hype woman.

My first fully booked Saturday came around and I had planned the routes in Google maps the night before so I knew exactly where I was going and how long it was going to ta

ke me to get from A to B to C etc. However, after my second client in the middle of nowhere with no signal to get maps on the go, I had to go old school and read signs haha! So I took all kinds of B roads until I found some signal and managed to get to my third client on time! I finished the day exhausted but it was brilliant!

I was prepping one of my brides in her room and it was all nice and relaxing watching the sun come up from behind the mountain for it to reflect on the sea and there was a knock on the door. You couldn't write this but it was the groom to-be still drunk from the night before! He had a quick shower and climbed into bed while I did her makeup! He did leave to get ready eventually!

I have worked with the most beautiful brides in some of the most gorgeous locations, those being in the Grosvenor Pulford, Chateau Rhianfa, Criccieth, Aberdyfi and the Bae Abermaw to name a few. I wonder where this year will take me.

I absolutely love doing what I do, I love meeting new people and I can't wait to meet you one day!

Sidni x

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