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Enhancing your eyes

You’ve found this blog because you’re looking for tips on how to apply false eyelashes! Look no further...

Snap Lashes have kindly sent me a couple of their strip lashes to try out. The bands are thin which is perfect, it makes the band more flexible and fitting to your eye. The styles are gorgeous, one being full and fluffy SNAP 02 and the other a half lash for the more natural look SNAP 09, both subtly enhancing your eyes. Personally I do prefer a cluster or individual but if you’re a newbie, applying a strip may be easier.

Firstly, have some patience with yourself and the application, it does take some practice! Lots of practice.

Clean your tools, this may be a pair of tweezers, an eyelash applicator or your fingers.

Now it’s time to measure, everyone’s eye shape is different. You’ll want to trim them to fit your eye.

Top tip: don’t have them going too far out on the outer corner because it will not give you a lifted effect.

Pick the glue off the eyelash and apply your preferred glue to the band not putting too much on, my favourite is from the brand Duo.

Using a hand held mirror, look down and keep your eyes open. Apply the lash in the centre of the natural eyelash (not the skin) and adjust either side.

Voila! You’ve applied your eyelashes.

Look after your false lashes because they can be used multiple times, using a makeup remover or micellar water you can remove the build up of dirt & glue then pop them back in the case so they don’t get damaged and retain their shape.

If you still feel like you're struggling a little ask me about my 1:1 lessons.

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