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B E A U T Y  N O T E S

I welcome all kinds of beauty related questions during an appointment or in my inbox, here I want to bring you a space where I can recommend the products I love along with discount codes for you to use to get extra £ off, we all love to save money where we can!


This is perfect for everyone, it can be worn alone or under and over makeup. It has cooling effect from the cucumber and chamomile, green tea and vitamin e giving you the hydration and caffine to energise and brighten. 

I used to use a full eyelash curler but when I saw these, I needed to have them! They're so much better as you can do a third of your eyelashes at a time!


If you're looking for a mascara, this is one of them! It is water and sweatproof, no transfer and washes easily unlike some! I absolutely love the wand too.

These are a must in your makeup bag, even in your handbag for touch ups during the day. You can use these to apply powder and soften any concealer or foundation creasing.


This is a must have for base application! You want to dampen the sponge and gently bounce it on your face for a flawless, streak free base.

This set was one of my first for my pro kit and I still use them now, the bristles are really soft and fluffy.

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